Rock 365 : Day 16 : Granite Erratic #365photos


Day 16 : Not only from the back garden collection but today's rock is literally from the back garden.  Sometimes geology comes to you rather than you having to visit it.  I live in the English Midlands, at least 100km from the nearest granite, and they don't look anything like this.  I do, however, live on the edge of a Ice Age glacial meltwater channel.  Note the shape of this pebble, it is faceted rather than round that would be expected from water transport.  There is even a hint of a striated surface in the top right quadrant that, together with the faceted sides, indicated ice transport.  Most plagiogranite erratics in this area have been transported about 300km from Dalbeattie in the Southern Uplands of Scotland.


~ by hypocentre on January 16, 2010.

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