Rock 365 : Day 20 : Eryops megacephalus #365photos


Day 20 : Today I was visiting the geology department in Birmingham University and had the chance of snapping this chap with my iPhone camera (hence the poor quality of the image) in the Lapworth Museum. This is Eryops megacephalus (or big head with a drawn out face). This Lower Permian (~295Ma) specimen is from Texas.

Photographic note: part of this Rock365 project is learn more about photography an image processing.  With the iPhone I actually had two images, one with the head more in focus, the other with the body more in focus.  Today I have learned how to merge these images in photoshop and the image here is actually a composite of the two originals with the more in focus head superimposed on the sharper body.


~ by hypocentre on January 20, 2010.

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