Rock 365 : Day 31 : Cannel Coal #365photos


Day 31 : Well, I’ve reached the end of the first month of Rock365.  Today I’ve some black and white photography – coal and snow.  I was out this morning scouting a location for some potential geological site management for educational use and it was snowing!  So here is the Cannel Row Coal seam in the snow.  This outcrop, in Apedale Country Park has become extremely degraded over the years and the only remaining exposure of the coal was at the top of a steep, snow covered slope.  The word ‘cannel’ is a corruption of  ‘candle’.  Cannel coal contains a lot of hydrogen so burns with a bright flame and sometimes way carved into a candle shape to be burnt for illumination. The grey band across the top of the coal is a gleyey clay at the base of the soil profile.


~ by hypocentre on January 31, 2010.

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